Our Last Year

Last year of school always be the saddest year, isn’t it?

But now I think, beside sadness, I also feel the loneliness. Since we have to prepare for our Ujian Nasional, everyone starts taking a course outside (I am none of them, my parents don’t allow me to take course because I get tired easily and they worry about my health) and they get busier with their own business. I rarely (or never?) say this kind of thing out loud, even if I really want to, but the truth is, I miss that time when we were in our first and second year, when we had more leisure time. When we didn’t really feel haunted by that Ujian Nasional.

We have 8-9 months left to be together. It’s quite big in number, but I bet it will be really fast when we live in it. At first, I thought my high school would be a very very very long journey to make, but after I went trough the past 2 years, I’m surprised that we only have less than a year left to spend our time together. Sometimes I regret for not enjoying those times but grumbling and complaining. Huh, we’ve been fooled by the time, I think?



Hey Grandma, how are you there? It has been sooo long, 11 years, isn’t it? You know what? I do really miss you.

Last week,  I saw Letters to God with my friends. I cried at many parts of the movie (its story is about a boy who suffers brain cancer). Yes, it was really sad, but actually, most of my tears fell down because the movie reminded me of you. I remembered that day, when God sent a really heavy rain (or was it a thunderstorm?) as your breath was fading away. It was scary; the sky was dark grey, wind blew hard, thunders and storms were everywhere, the adults were panic and crying. Then, you’re gone.

You don’t know how much I miss you. I miss talking to you, discussing my homework, being lulled as I fell asleep, joking around with you, and anything that involved us.

Do you remember when I had an art homework? My drawing was soooo bad at that time, so I begged you to draw for me. Then you finished it by yourself. You even colored it. Then I got 90 for it. It was beautiful, I should have kept it. Thank you very much 🙂

I still remember, every morning, before my sister and I went to school, we always had porridge+soy sauce+’tahu’ for breakfast. Then on Sunday morning, we bought ‘surabi’ in front of Ramayana, and we went there by ‘becak’. Sometimes we went to ‘alun-alun’ and played there. Oh, we also went to Villa Istana Bunga in Lembang, we bought ‘ketan bakar’, met some cute rabbits, swam. We once went to Puncak and visited Masjid Maisy. I don’t know what its real name, but we call it that way because a singer, Maisy, made her video clip there, hahaha. The mosque was beautiful (I haven’t gone there for years), and we stayed there for a while to take a rest and we took photos. How fun my life was.

That was before the cancer took it all. Your right eye was taken out from your eye socket. The chemotherapy made you bald. You turned thin, very thin. I was mad. I was mad at that mean cancer. How dare it took all from you.

I remember, on my birthday, when the mean cancer hadn’t come yet, you took me to a mall to buy a present. You said, I can choose it. But I was confused in choosing between a small pink book and…something, I forget. Then you said that you prefer the book, so I chose that small pink book. Since then, you taught me how to write and to share stories on it. Almost everyday I wrote. I wrote every single thing that happened on that day; I talked to my Dad (who was studying abroad) by chatting on internet and he promised that he would take me to a park, I had finished learning Arabic letters, what I had for breakfast, everything. I also drew on it. Well, I think you’ve made my passion in writing. I prefer sharing my stories by writing than speaking. Writing is fun. When I write, every thoughts flow, turn into words and phrases and sentences and paragraphs. I can show my feelings, my thoughts, and share stories. I keep writing, until today I still write, and I write this post.

Grandma, I write this post for you. I wish you were here and read this post and so you know how much I love you. I do love you, even I have never told it to you. Trust me, I do really really really love you, and I mean it. No matter what, I do, and will always love you.


New Year 2012


Akhir tahun 2011 dan awal tahun 2012 bersama MHT02 di Puncak yang sangat super duper menyenangkan banget sekali! 😀 lots of fun, lots of joke, lots of laugh, lots of joy, lots of card (?), lots of……..fireworks!

December 30 2011.
Some of MHT02 (25, if I’m not mistaken) went to Puncak and celebrated the New Year Eve 2012 there. Gue, Laura, dan Riezka/Bubu berangkat pagi, dan yang lainnya berangkat sore. Malemnya, kita main kartu sampai lewat tengah malam ahhaha. Kita main UNO, bohong, tepok nyamuk, dll.

Besok paginya, 31 Desember 2011, beberapa dari kita (termasuk gue) terjun (?) ke sawah dan main-main di sana. Kita nyari dan nangkep ‘yuyu’, bahasa sundanya semacam kepiting kecil yang ada di sawah. Jalan di sawahnya cukup susah karena ada beberapa spot yang tanahnya lembek. Terus kita main lumpur, dan cuci kakinya di kolam ikan yang ada di deket sawah ahhaha. Mau nggak mau, semuanya yang tadinya cuma kakinya yang kotor jadi harus basah dari atas sampai bawah karena terjadi kerusuhan di kolam ikan ahhahaha 🙂 🙂 🙂 karena badan kita basah semua, jadi gak bisa masuk rumah. Lalu, ada yang mengusulkan (Laura atau Fadly?) untuk main donal bebek biar sekalian ngeringin badan ahhaha. Yang lainnya yang nggak ke sawah, main kartu di teras.

After cleaning the messes up, all of us played card together. Gue baru belajar cara main kartu ‘bohong’ di sini. It was quite fun! Tapi karena pemula, gue keseringan jujur ahahahha B)
Siang menjelang sore. Gue agak ngantuk, dan juga biar malemnya nggak ketiduran karena mau tahun baru-an, akhirnya gue tidur sampai sore.
Bangun-bangun, yang lain lagi pada main di luar. Akhirnya gue ikutan, main engklek (sepertinya spell-nya begini, ya kan?). Tapi nggak lama, karena semuanya pada bubar ha ha ha.
Habis sholat Isya, kita berencana buat ber-api-unggun-ria dan main games. Tapi yaaaa rada krik api unggunnya 😐
Sambil nunggu jam 12, kita main kartu (lagi dan lagi), terus ada yang nyanyi-nyanyi sambil main gitar, dan beberapa ada yang nyiapin makanan.
Jam 10an, fireworks are everywhere! Gue yang baru pertama kali merayakan new year (biasanya cuma di rumah dan tidur, gue menganggap nothing’s special about new year eve), agak norak melihat kembang api yang besar dan bagus dan banyak. Gue ambil banyaaaak banget foto kembang api, tapi yang berhasil dan bagus bisa dihitung jari -_-
Beberapa orang, sedikit sih, tidur duluan tapi bangun pas mau deket-deket jam 12. Gue pun ngantuk, tapi karena jarang seneng-seneng bareng kayak gini, jadi gue tetep bangun 😀
Sedikit menit sebelum jam 12……. Kita udah meluncurkan beberapa kembang api dan siap-siap tiup terompet duaribuan dari Amel ahaha.
Daaaaan……..00.00! Sayangnya kita nggak countdown 😦 habis tiup-tiup terompet dan menghabiskan kembang api, kita melingkar dan doa bersama supaya 2012 bakal jadi tahun yang menyenangkan dan sesuai harapan kita, aamiin 🙂

The first day of 2012, Sunday, January 1 2012, and our last day at Puncak 😦
Sunday morning, at around 10:30 am, we went to Curug Cilember. Jalan kesana kecil dan agak naik-turun.
Sampai disana, kabutnya lagi turun dan akhirnya bikin air turun dari langit (entah itu kabutnya atau memang hujan). Tempatnya bagus, terawat dan ada taman kupu-kupunya (tapi kita nggak kesana). Pertama, kita lewat jembatan goyang. Well, sounds silly, but I think it was fun to walk through the bridge 😀
Gue gak tau ada berapa curug, tapi sepertinya sih ada 7. Kita jalan ke curug 5. Jalannya naiiiiiiiik terus, dan sedikit licin karena lagi sedikit ‘hujan’. Kita jalan beberapa kilometer. Whoa, it was pretty tiring, but worth it though. Sampai disana, ada air terjun yang kelihatan mengasyikkan untuk disinggahi dan untuk main-main di sana. You know what? Biasanya kalau ke air terjun gue cuma ceburin kaki, tapi tadi gue duduk dan ‘dipukulin’ sama air terjun, dan gue berhasil naik ke atasnya dan duduk di batu yang ada di atasnya! Huaaaa gue seneng banget! Walaupun airnya dingiiiiiin banget, tapi itu seru banget!
Pulangnya menurut gue lebih susah, yaaa walaupun lebih capek naiknya. Soalnya, jalannya jadi licin banget karena ‘hujan’nya tambah deras. Tapi dengan tolong-menolong kita pun berhasil sampai di bawah, terima kasih semuanya 🙂
Lalu, kita balik ke villa, makan, mandi, packing, dan………pulang 😥

Thanks to MHT02 for the amazing 3 days, for making such an unforgettable new year eve ever, for sharing togetherness and laughters, for teaching me to play ‘bohong’ :B
You guys made my last days of 2011 and first day of 2012 really great :’D
Gonna miss those moments 😥
Once again, big thanks to you all! Love you much :’D ♥