I captured This!

I took this photo when I had my holiday (June 2011) in Bali. This is Tanah Lot, I watched sunset here.

When I was going to take photos of the sunset, there were two people in front of me. The one on the right is a man, and the one on the left is woman.

And, here it is, a photo of two people, man and woman, watching sunset at Tanah Lot 🙂

This photo is copyrighted!


Lemme Introduce The Owner of This Blog

Well, hello. I’m Kemilau Fiska Noyta, but my friends called me Kemi.
This is my new WordPress, but I’ve been blogging since January 2011. Actually, I have another blog on blogger. So, this is my second blog.

I named this blog ‘Thinkerbla’, with a tagline ‘A Written Life’. I don’t know, suddenly the name ‘tinkerbell’ came to my mind when I made this blog. Then it inspired me. I changed it into ‘Thinkerbla’. Quiet cute, I think. Hahahaha. While tagline ‘A Written Life’, I chose it because this blog is made for me to write about my life. This is a secret, it’s kinda hard for me to express my feelings with words. Writing is the best way to express it 🙂

I think I would like to introduce a bit about myself 😀
As you know, my name is Kemi, hahaha. I live in Indonesia. I was born on January 11, 1996.
I have a passion for photography and music, especially piano. I love classical music, and I really love Frédéric Chopin’s nocturnes. They are beautiful. I wish I can play, at least, one of them 😦
I am a book-a-holic. However, my favorite are sci-fi and fantasy novels. For the comics, I like Aoyama Gosho’s Detective Conan. Gah, he is so cool! Hahahahaha.
Foods I love are seafood, ice cream, McDonald’s, fried noodles, tiramisu, and many more :p
Stuffs with soft-pink color always attract me.
Fun-fact about me, I really love 11. I don’t know why, I just love it.

I think it is enough for a first post.
So, enjoy reading my written life :]