Captured #5: “Font: 2013 Pyrotechnic”


I spent my new year’s eve making this…

Goodbye 2012! Thanks for the endless memories and the lessons you’ve taught me 🙂

Welcome 2013, be nice, please. Thank God, I get to live in 2013.

Happy new year, fellas! Let’s renew ourselves and be better than before 😀



Captured #3: Wildlife

Hello! Two new shots are going to be posted. It was taken today, around my home’s fish pond.

Why I choose ‘Wildlife’ as the title? Hmm, actually I don’t know hahaha. The word ‘Wildlife’ was just popping out. Maybe because……….the objects are alive and a bit wild, I thought? -_-

What a cool cat. He was about going to drink my pond’s water, then I came to take a shot and I made him scared! -_-

Kinda disgusting! My father haven’t cleaned it yet. Ewww. But at least it can be a good object hahaha.

Wait for my next shots! 🙂

I captured This!

I took this photo when I had my holiday (June 2011) in Bali. This is Tanah Lot, I watched sunset here.

When I was going to take photos of the sunset, there were two people in front of me. The one on the right is a man, and the one on the left is woman.

And, here it is, a photo of two people, man and woman, watching sunset at Tanah Lot 🙂

This photo is copyrighted!