From: Down Here; To: Up There

September 11.
I wish you’ve got enough balloons to cover up the entire sky.
I wish the cook bakes you the best cake in town.
I wish the fireflies light up your bedroom.
I wish they treat you like a princess.
I wish you’re showered with lots
of gifts; be it flowers or kisses.
I wish they get you a beautiful long dress to wear on your special day.
I wish they send bunch of little angels to protect you and color up your days with their giggles.
I wish today you’re being all happy and smiling because of the uncountable blessings coming to you.
I wish you will never forget that we, down here, will always be wishing you a convenient life, up there.

Happy birthday, Grandma, lots of love from down here!

(P.S: I accidentally found this super tasty surabi in the market down here today, I wish they have the similar one up there)
(P.P.S: it would be very nice if you’re here to have a bite of the super delicious surabi)
(P.P.P.S: I’m not kidding)
(P.P.P.P.S: I miss you)



Seventeen Years Full of Life

I will turn 17 next January. Oh, I have spent almost seventeen years of my life in this God’s fascinating creation called Earth. I know that seventeen years is quite long in time, but somehow when I live my life, I sometimes feel like I was just born yesterday; time flies so fast, they say.

I once looked back at what I had done, who I was.
Most things I have done were procrastinations; I never put important things as my priority, and I did those not-so-important things before everything else. Such a true procrastinator.
Second, I was a shy person. I mean, a really shy person. I never dared to start conversation with new people so I always waited for them to start first. I avoided people’s eyes when I talked. I easily got embarrassed. I rarely got involved in school activities. My hands were sweaty and shivering when I had to speak in front of people. I See? That was me.

I have changed in these seventeen years, maybe a lot.
But I’m still myself.
Yes, I still procrastinate (I suppose to do my biology experiment report now instead of blogging), but now I sometimes put the important one as priority. Yes, I choose playing over studying, but I will still study afterwards.
Yes, I’m still a shy person, but only in front of new people. Yes, I still wait for others to start the conversation, but I have tried few times to start it first. Yes, I don’t always look at people’s eyes when I talk, but now I already have guts to make an eye-contact for 5 seconds. Yes, I get embarrassed, but not that much. Yes, I am not involved too much in school activities, but at least I have an experience of becoming the committee of an event. Yes, I get nervous when I have to stand in front of people, but no more shivering and sweats on my hands.
I’m still me, but in a better way.

Also, I realize how much I have grown up.
It started yesterday, when I ate chocolate pudding. I realized that I can now distinguish pudding from jelly. It’s an improvement, right? Well, until couple of months ago, I can hardly identify whether it is a pudding or jelly. How embarrassing.
I have learnt new vocabularies. So, I can improve my writings and replace non-poetic words with iambic phrase.
I dream. I had many dreams when I was a little girl, but most of them were not real because fairytales had influenced me. I dreamt of becoming a princess who had a little fairy, having a unicorn, flying with magic carpet just like what Jasmine and Aladin did. Now I dream of something more real. I dream of having a trip to Switzerland, going to Mecca with my family, building school and hospital for the poors, publishing a novel, being a part of WWF Organization, diving, and traveling to all best sights of the world. Even those are hard to achieve, they can be real, with efforts and prayers.
I learn to take as much opportunities as I can. I had sent my writings to a magazine, even in the end they rejected it and sent it back to me. On October 2012, I tried to send my essay concerning in environmental problems to an online international essay writing competition and it paid off my previous failure; I was listed as one of the winners.
I found courage and went through every problems. I was once in a deep sadness, until I prayed to God. Some people also encouraged me and they told jokes to make me laugh.
I know what sadness is. I used to feel happiness all the time, well I cried, but it’s not similar with the sadness I have felt these recent years.
I feel love. Not that kind of corny love, but that kind of love which give us warmth. I feel love from my family, my friends, and God. I really appreciate God for creating a sweet emotion called love.
The most important thing is, I know and understand my responsibilities; to pray to God, to study, to look after my little sisters (we are not that harmonious though), to make my parents proud and happy.

There is a quote from Abraham Lincoln,

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

And I think life has filled all my seventeen years up.

Cooking Papa!

Bukan cooking mama.
Karena Mama masih harus ke kantor dan mbak udah pulang kampung, jadi Papa yang harus masak makanan buat buka puasa. Akhirnya tadi Papa belanja bahan-bahan abis itu masak.

Daaan, gini deh dapur jadinya


Agak berantakan ya? Hahaha :):):)

Setelah beberapa lama di dapur, ini hasilnya


Gue nggak tau nama masakannya, katanya sih liat resep. Tapi gue tau, ini ayam -_-
Tapi lumayanlaaah untuk ukuran papa-papa yang jarang masak ahahhaha. Semoga enak, ya ^^ 😀

P.S: foto-foto ini gue foto diem-diem pas Papa udah ninggalin dapur dan nganter les adek gue HEHEHEHE :B

A Birthday Greeting for an Old Friend of Mine

Nothing is special about 9th of July except your birthday, which I never forget, and today you turn 17.

I may not be the first, and this birthday greeting must neither be the sweetest nor the most special one.

Well, I wish a very happy birthday to you, Diandra Safira Hassan, my since-elementary close friend. May all good things come to you, have a full-of-joy year ahead, may God bless you and lead your way toward success 😀

Sorry I got nothing for your birthday but this very-simple-and-unpoetic-birthday-blog post hehehe.

Oh, and I do hope our friendship last forever (do you believe in “forever”?)

Come back to Indonesia soon, I’ve missed you Di! 🙂