Captured #3: Wildlife

Hello! Two new shots are going to be posted. It was taken today, around my home’s fish pond.

Why I choose ‘Wildlife’ as the title? Hmm, actually I don’t know hahaha. The word ‘Wildlife’ was just popping out. Maybe because……….the objects are alive and a bit wild, I thought? -_-

What a cool cat. He was about going to drink my pond’s water, then I came to take a shot and I made him scared! -_-

Kinda disgusting! My father haven’t cleaned it yet. Ewww. But at least it can be a good object hahaha.

Wait for my next shots! 🙂


Thamrin Olympiad and Cup II

Hey guys! Nggak seperti post-post sebelumnya, post yang ini bermaksud untuk promosi acara semacam pensi di sekolah gue, Thamrin Olympiad and Cup II (TOC II). Bedanya, di TOC itu gabungan antara pensi, olimpiade, dan cup (lomba-lomba olahraga).

TOC II mengambil tema “EXPEDITION: FEEL THE ENDLESS DISCOVERY!” dan bakal diadakan pada awal Januari 2012, tentu aja di SMANU MH Thamrin Jakarta.Lomba-lombanya ada banyak, saman,dance, basket, paskibra, band, MAQC, SQUC, robotik, dan english debate.

Untuk info lebih lanjut, silakan follow @ThamrinOlymCup di twitter, dan blognya,

Yaaa kira-kira gitu, kebayang kan?
So, be there on January 2012! 🙂

Book Review #1: The Hunger Games

I am going to make a review of one of my favourite books: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Well, it is not a new released book, actually it was released in 2008, 3 years ago. But I just bought it few months ago. Quiet late, isn’t it? Hahahaha.


A 16 years old girl named Katniss Everdeen lives with his mother and sister in the poorest district in the country of Panem, District 12, with Capitol as its capital. There used to be 13 districts, but the 13th district is gone when a rebellion against Capitol happened.

Every year, Capitol held a TV show called The Hunger Games. It is a ‘game’ with 24 participants of 12-18 years old boys and girls, and each district has to send one boy and one girl. Only one person could be alive.

Katniss volunteers for the 74th games replaces her younger sister, Primrose Everdeen. With Peeta Mellark from the same district, they go to Capitol where the start point is. There, they meet Haymitch as their mentor, Cinna, Effie Trinket, Avox girl, and many more.

In the arena, they find it difficult to trust anyone, even your partner from the same district. They kill each other to be the only winner and stay alive. They are fighting against death.

That was a very short review of The Hunger Games, and the most exciting parts are not there. I must say, The Hunger Games is a trilogy, the second book titled Catching Fire and the last is Mockingjay. I haven’t read both, but I have to read it soon.
You must read it! I’m sure you will not be disappointed 🙂


Ke sudut jendela tua aku termangu
Apa itu?
Gurat aurora yang terlukis ironis?
Hanya sesosok malaikat keji,
atau… iblis bercahaya?
Mungkin ia malaikat durga, atau iblis surga

Ke sudut jendela tua aku termangu
Sosok malaikat rangkap iblis itu memudar
Butir hujan tenggelamkan sunyi

Ke sudut jendela tua aku termangu
Dihiasi kabut
Sosok itu telah hilang
Fatamorgana… dalam beku?