From: Down Here; To: Up There

September 11.
I wish you’ve got enough balloons to cover up the entire sky.
I wish the cook bakes you the best cake in town.
I wish the fireflies light up your bedroom.
I wish they treat you like a princess.
I wish you’re showered with lots
of gifts; be it flowers or kisses.
I wish they get you a beautiful long dress to wear on your special day.
I wish they send bunch of little angels to protect you and color up your days with their giggles.
I wish today you’re being all happy and smiling because of the uncountable blessings coming to you.
I wish you will never forget that we, down here, will always be wishing you a convenient life, up there.

Happy birthday, Grandma, lots of love from down here!

(P.S: I accidentally found this super tasty surabi in the market down here today, I wish they have the similar one up there)
(P.P.S: it would be very nice if you’re here to have a bite of the super delicious surabi)
(P.P.P.S: I’m not kidding)
(P.P.P.P.S: I miss you)