Will there come a time,
When laughters are the only rhymes
you hear all the time
And worrying is a crime?

When will the world be crowded of cheering voices,
When life is full of joys
When everything is deserved to be rejoiced
And being glad is the only choice?

Can we feel those moments,
When there is no violent
When falling into sorrow is forbidden
And hurting someone could send us to prison?

Will our dreams come true,
When no one becomes foe
When we need no clue
to find a safe place from blue?

Is that time worth to wait?
Should we just sit,
realise that it’s too late,
and quit?


“I Love You.”

Some mean it, but most don’t.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine ended his relationship with a girl. Then, a few DAYS later, he fell in “love” with another girl, while his ex-girlfriend met a new guy.

Every time I open my twitter account, he tweets “I love you” and mention her girlfriend’s twitter account. But, when they are mad to each other, they forget all “I love you”s they’ve said. Once, he tweeted “single is better”, and he tweeted a very bad thing about his girl. What confuse me is,

do they mean those thousands “I love you”s?

Well, how come they say they love each other but when they end their relationship, they just need a few DAYS to “love” another person?

What is love, anyway?