Is Everyone Going to Leave?


Is everyone going to leave?

She leaves, they leave, everyone leaves.
I hate this kind of situation. I mean, why must they leave?
I hate leaving, and I hate being left.
We will be separated by distance, far away.
Are you sure everything is going to be the same like it used to be? Are you sure everything is going to run like nothing happens? Are you sure we will keep in contact? Are you sure you will not change? Are you sure we will still be ‘us’?
I’m not sure.

Today I was crying, but I didn’t even know what was the reason why I cried. Now I’ve just realised, maybe I was crying because I knew everyone is going to leave, things are going to change, and I’m afraid I will live my life without them near beside me.

And, if those leavings happen, I wish neither you nor I will change so we will still be ‘us’.